Attorney Quin: Quintasia Walker Esq.

About Me


    My name is Quintasia T. Walker, Esq. I was born and raised in San Diego. I have been a part of the legal community for as long as I remember, as my mother was a paralegal for 20 years and became an attorney shortly after. I have always been hard working and that is what led to my acceptance into UC Berkeley to study Physics. I later changed my major to Rhetoric because I was contemplating following in my mother's footsteps, instead of becoming a doctor.


This decision came after a close friend of mine received a ticket for breaking the law and the officer attempted to give me one too. I was not doing anything wrong, however, I was able to talk my way out of the ticket. Before this incident, I didn't really think I had any kind of special skills, but after just two minutes of dialogue, I convinced the officers that I did not deserve a ticket and they agreed. They knew I wasn't doing anything wrong to begin with, but they had a quota so had I not said anything, they would have given me a ticket and that would have been on my record. While most people would have let it go, it is not in my nature to accept a punishment when I did nothing wrong.


As an attorney, it is my job to advocate for my clients. If you decide to join team Attorney Quin, I promise to pursue your goals as fiercely as I pursue my own.