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Additional Services

The following services are billed according to their individual descriptions below their titles.

True Retainer


A true retainer is a fee a client pays when they want the attorney to be available to work on their case at any time, without warning. The fee is to make sure the attorney is willing to drop whatever case they are working on to work on the specific client's case. This means the client can call the attorney at any time, day or night, and request their services. The retainer is charged depending on the duration of the retainer.


Please see fees below:

One Month:               $15,000

Six Months:               $70,000

One Year:                 $120,000

Trial Work



Most attorneys do not do trial work, so they will limit their representation to all work before trial, then change their fee structure, or make you find a new attorney. If you are in need of an affordable trial attorney, then choose Attorney Quin, for the win!




Please see fees below:

Initial review of case:     $200/hour

Preparation work:           $240/hour

Trial Work:                       $280/hour

Legal Document Review



Not everyone can afford an attorney, so Attorney Quin offers legal document review, which consists of a thorough review of your document for legal relevance, procedural compliance, and/or grammar and spelling. Pricing is based on the length and complexity of the document. One hour minimum required.

Please see fees below:

Legal Review:                         $100/hour

Grammar and Spelling:          $50/hour 


Complexity fee:                    +$20/hour

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