If your situation arises from one of the practice areas listed below, and you choose to have me in your corner, you will be billed hourly at a rate of $240 an hour. A retainer of $2,000 will be required before I can begin working on your case.


A contingency fee is a fee that is only charged if the desired outcome is reached. The contingency fee is used exclusively for Personal Injury cases. This means, you pay only costs if you do not win, and pay 30% if we are successful before trial, and 35% if we have to go to trial and are successful. 

Criminal Defense:

Criminal Defense is a very complicated and time consuming field, which is why it has a different fee structure than any other practice area. The hourly fee is $240 an hour, however, you will be required to provide a $2,500 retainer before I begin working on your case. I will charge my hourly fee against your retainer, and you will be required to replenish it if it falls below $2,000.

1. Business/Corporate Law
2. Contracts
3. Appeals
4. Civil Cases (most)
5. Tax Law
6. Landlord/ Tenant
7. Real Estate
1. Personal Injury
1. Criminal Defense

Flat Rate:

1. Expungement 
    A. Infraction ($500)
    B. Misdemeanor ($650)